Oh crap, I forgot ...

... to blog. For two years or so.


Well, I think a total of ten people have ever read this, so I really shouldn't be upset. But what's a guy to do?

Oh yeah. Blog.

Thinks have been hectic lately. I continue the ongoing battle over the copyright to the script I wrote, Dead and a Half, which was produced in (of all places) Irian Jaya. It's really quite something. Not "good" in any sense of the word, but daring. The director actually wanted to kill an endangered python for one scene. He was a total nutjob.

Anyway, long story short, copyright is kind of non-existant down there, so basically this weird little movie is playing to sold out shows and I'm not even seeing a dime. I'm trying to see if I can fight it in the State, should they ever try to import it. But I'm doubtful.

In other, less financially depressing news, I met an awesome girl. Well ... not recently. Since my last post, which was two years ago! We actually met quite a while ago, during some Katrina clean-up charity work. We circled each other for a long, long time and finally hooked up early 2009. Things are going well ...

I'll keep you all (whoever you might be) posted on Dead and a Half developments, as well as anything else I get out there (multiple short story submissions and some Hollywood script meetings).

Also, this: