Harry Potter and the Sniveling Babies of Bitcherton

I'm right there with you. Waiting and waiting for the new title to be released, only to find that it doesn't meet my expectations: Deathly? Hallows?

These are not words! This is British snobbery! They are not nearly as cool as previous words in the Harry Potter title series, like Goblet and Order . . . and they are certainly more awkward than Azkaban and Half-Blood.

I don't know what I expected - maybe because Rowling keeps surprising me and all her other readers with clever plot twists and character development - but I have to say, this title does not meet my unknown expectations.

I'm going to go write the seventh book myself, then think of the title . . . then masturbate. What can I say? I like to be satisfied.

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JohnFox said...

Couldn't agree more - the new title really does suck.